Increasing Importance of ERP in Small Business Undertakings

ERP, as we all know, refers to a software system that helps in the automation of business processes of an entire organization. Businesses big or small benefit greatly from the increased efficiencies resulting from successful ERP implementations. Scalable and robust ERP applications, which can adapt themselves to the changing requirements of the enterprise, weebo are in high – demand these days.

ERP solutions designed for small businesses help in improvements in various processes like supply chain, production management and customer relationship management. Incremental improvements in these systems help businesses to respond faster to the queries of their customers. By providing a responsive and alert customer service businesses can cultivate a loyal base of customers.

These days, web-enabled ERP systems, shayarism which provide authorized users to access an organizations information network from any location across the globe, are in high demand. ERP systems help organizations to integrate all the functions of a business like finance, livewebdir accounts, and human resources on to a single framework. Web enabled ERP systems allow users to view this framework from remote locations and conduct business effortlessly across the globe.

ERP systems can transform the way organizations conduct their businesses and can be a source of sustainable advantage in the marketplace. Most small businesses huntingtime are family managed businesses and are perceived to be slow when it comes to technology adoption. The high costs associated with ERP also deter some of them from adopting it wholeheartedly.

Stories of ERP related nightmares abound in the marketplace. The high level of customization required in the software systems has the potential to sap an organization of its time and money. Companies who have adopted proprietary software’s for their ERP have found themselves hostage to the ERP vendor. Every change, techquisys every little customization requires the permission of the ERP vendor. Such experiences prove to be a deterrent for ERP adoption in the SME segment.

On the other hand, open source ERP systems allow the source code to be modified and reduce an organizations dependence on its vendor. Open source ERP is the way to go for small businesses. ERP software, roidirectory which have been built from ground up using open source technologies, have the potential to significantly lower marketing and licensing costs. Since open source software’s allow the source code to be modified to suit the organization’s requirement, certain security issues arise. But rising cost pressures and the steep cost of using proprietary ERP software have forced organizations to consider open source ERP systems.


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