Guys Like Girls With These Four Features

Do you know what four features men find most attractive in women? You may think it is four physical features in how women look that guys like, and though the outward presentation may draw him to her, that is not what keeps him there.

Feature #1: Energy

Guys like girls with energy that is upbeat, cleanupguys confident, and nurturing. Nurturing is feminine and that is the energy that a guy cannot resist. If you laugh a lot, like to get out and do things, enjoy cooking and keeping a nesty home, and are confident in yourself and your work, it doesn’t matter what you look like. If you have a sense of humor and a heart of forgiveness; and if you understand boundaries and don’t let people take advantage of you, your energy is magnetizing! Your positive energy allows you to see the good in others and to give compliments freely and honestly. You could look like Godzilla but it doesn’t matter: guys cannot stay away from you. tossncook

Feature #2: Handled Baggage

Guys like girls to come to a date with their baggage handled. If they have to spend more than 20 per cent of their time listening to your problems, zmiiv and how some jerk did you wrong, they don’t want to be there. Bring your old relationships to a satisfying completion. Mend fences, tell others goodbye, and deal with your unfinished business. Problem issues from your past, known as baggage, will weigh you down. Whatever you haven’t cleaned up or cleaned out, you will carry with you. A strong foundation is one where you have mourned your losses, let go of destructive people, asked for forgiveness, and forgiven others. hoodpay

Feature #3: Handle Your Money

Guys like girls who are “grown up” and have handled their money, which shows they are not trolling for a sugar daddy. This is the feature that many singles want to skip over and find someone else to handle for them. Handle your money problems, once and for all. Get your career on track, pay your debts before you spend for anything else, and live BELOW your means. Until you do this, you are not ready to be a partner for anyone. To further put this feature in place, look for ways to earn more and spend less.

Feature #4: Values

Finally, guys like to date girls who have values. What characteristics do you value the most in others? Is it loyalty, honesty, humor, kindness, or fairness? Whatever you find most important, if you are not honoring that quality in your own life, you will never be happy. Usually, when people are stuck in their lives and can’t figure out why they do not feel totally fulfilled, rnkhabri they have to search for the missing value. I have a client who was miserable in her life. After months of discussion, she finally revealed that she was trying to ignore the evidence that her boyfriend was not honest at his job. She was conflicted in her feelings for him and the way he avoided answering any questions about his business. She was emotionally crumbling under the weight of living with someone who was not honest.

The truth about values is that you may think you can ignore what you really believe in, but when you do, you will never feel quite right in your life. There will be this nagging, nagging little voice that constantly hovers around you and whispers in your ear, reminding you that something is wrong.

These are the four features that will have guys lined up at your door to date you: your positive energy, your baggage handled, your finances in order, Rare movies on DVD and good strong values. When you have these in order, all you have to do is get out there and let them know you. When you have the four features listed above–you can have your pick!


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