Creating CALM – How Attention to Detail Improves Your Dog’s Life

Feng Shui expert Yvonne Phillips tells how attention to detail improves your dog’s life

For thousands of years, people have employed the principles of Feng Shui to ensure they live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. The ancient Chinese practice aims to generate positive chi-or energy flow-through the strategic placement of furniture and other objects in both homes and offices. But can Feng Shui improve the lives of pets, as well? The answer is a resounding yes. How, igaming marketing exactly, do dogs fit into a home’s Feng Shui?

Pets bring an uplifting and loving life for force to the home environment. For an owner, simply having a pet is a Feng Shui cure in itself. It can significantly impact the quality of a person’s life and, as research has shown, improve health and happiness. Because pets can enhance the Feng Shui in any home, bitpapa ensure you’re doing your part to provide an uplifting environment for them as treasured members of the family.

So you’re saying that just having a dog is a Feng Shui plus?

Caring for pets brings an increased sense of stability, furzly grounding, and daily order. Along with the health benefits of taking dogs for walks or playing with them, they remind us to just be in a fast-paced world. The positive chi life force radiates off happy, well-cared-for pets, and their movement throughout the home helps to circulate that energy. Feng Shui recognizes the symbology of animals-the reason many Chinese restaurants have aquariums is that fish represent success. Similarly, pg79th dogs symbolize protective energy and teach us unconditional love.

Can I use Feng Shui to make my dog happier and healthier?

Feng Shui honors the interconnectedness of all things, so, much like a neglected plant or pile of clutter, a neglected pet affects the energy of the entire home. And just as your pet can uplift your home, you, in turn, can strengthen your pet by uplifting his surroundings. Animals are naturally drawn to the best energy in a room or a house, so you’ll see by watching them where the chi is already flowing. By replicating that energy throughout your space, you’ll enhance your pet’s overall health and happiness. moneyrule

What is the first change to make?

The most important Feng Shui consideration is cleanliness. People need a clean home environment, and so do pets, which means their spaces should be fresh and sanitized. A pet should feel safe, secure, and comfortable in the areas where he eats or sleeps. Provide fresh water daily, and be sure soap residue is thoroughly washed from his bowls. For easy access, keep doorways and window sills clear of debris; you want to minimize the danger of your pet knocking anything over. Whenever possible, spicecinemas use eco-friendly products to ensure your pet’s safety and your own.

Do the colors we decorate with have any effect on our animals?

To create a sense of calm, choose a pet bed that blends with your color scheme, or one in a neutral shade, rather than something loud and busy. And try to select bowls and plates in yellows or reds. If you have a finicky eater, red can energize him, while yellow is known to evoke a happy mood.

Our animals are even more sensitive than we are to what’s around them.

What’s the best place to set up an eating or sleeping area?

Choosing a quiet eating area for your pet-one that’s removed from noise and activity-allows him to eat more calmly. Eating and sleeping areas should be out of the traffic path of humans.

Does air flow affect the flow of energy?

Clean air is vital for good Feng Shui; avoid staleness and pet odors by letting as much fresh air as possible circulate throughout the house.

What about the lighting in your house?

Pets are attracted to natural light and warmth and will always gravitate toward sunny spots near windows. On cloudy days, salt lamps-large salt crystals with light bulbs inside-or candles simulate natural light and they purify the air by releasing negative ions that counteract emissions from computers, TVs, and other electronic devices.

Can clutter actually increase a dog’s anxiety?

If you remember that our animals are even more sensitive than we are to what’s around them, it’s easier to understand their feelings. When your dog is eating and drinking, that’s his most vulnerable time, and he’s extremely aware of his surroundings. If you’ve located his food and water in an area beside a big stack of boxes that should have been in storage, he’ll feel as though someone is watching him, or even feel a little afraid: Is that pile of boxes coming after me?

How do you make sure your dog doesn’t upset the balance of energy in the house?

I’ve been in homes where young families are trying their best to handle to handle it all. Mom and Dad are working, they have small children, and they want to have the pleasure of an animal’s company. But here’s what I see when I enter their home: The parents are hollering at the dog to keep him from jumping on me, and that makes the children upset. The whole home’s vibe becomes negative, creating a ripple effect that isn’t good for anyone, including the dog. It’s only when the dog is conditioned to live in harmony with his human family that the home will emanate completely positive energy.


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